Qolla l-Bajda in the haven of the hillocks

QollaDuring our stay in Marsalforn we also had a walk to the saltpans (a 30 to 60 mins walk away from the Marsalforn “citycenter”; you could also take the bus to “Xwejni” and then continue by foot), but actually we didn’t even make it there (well, we saw them from a hundred meter distance) as we decided to have a look at Qolla l-Bajda instead, that seemed far more interesting.

The Qolla is “[…] formed out of varying light gray clay with a pale yellow sandstone top. This Qolla has the classic Maltese “hill top” shape with a slab of material on its top.” (cf. geulogy.com)

Qolla I-Bajda Battery

Just behind the Qolla I-Bajda you’ll find a battery built in 1715-16 by the Knights of St John. Unfortunately it’s in a very poor state: when we had a walk around the building and the saltpans in front of it, we found a lot of garbage, beer bottles etc. I read that it was once a disco (here); seems like there are still some people making party there leaving all their mess behind.

Still, we passed more than an hour there taking pictures, discovering the outer buildings, the area around the Qolla and enjoying the wonderful view over the azure sea. There is also a rocky beach between the Qolla and the saltpans (so bring your towel and bikini). Qolla I-Bajda Battery Saltpans